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How do our subjective perceptions instill worry in humans? 

Throughout my sustained investigation, I explored several different ways people might create their own fears. Intense anxiety about societal pressures often build up until they become a part of our personality.


Instilling these fears in our own minds can make us react to the world in different ways—from extreme thoughts that turn us into drug attics, to overprotective parents that worry about their child's future. Throughout this investigation, I slowly started to understand just how many little things can distress people.


I created this portfolio using a wood-burning approach so that the removal of pieces would reveal the art rather than the addition of pieces. Burning the wood grain away is meant to symbolize the worry that burns into and destroys our minds. One of the biggest, but most overlooked elements, is the burned negative space where monochromatic designs fill the void to resemble the chaos, or even emptiness, one can create from their perceptions.

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